The Cerner electronic medical record is an integrated database that provides a comprehensive set of capabilities. The system provides real-time access to patient results and clinical information across care disciplines and allows access to patient information securely from wherever and whenever it is most convenient for the care team.

With Cerner, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other authorized caregivers view patient status, consider evidence, enter orders, document their actions and share information in a single, easy-to-use patient record. They also rely on Cerner to incorporate the latest medical knowledge, to alert them to patient allergies and to guide them through decision-making templates, increasing efficiency and improving patient safety.

Key Benefits

  • Saves time by eliminating duplicative processes and allows the clinician to articulate care from anywhere, anytime
  • Reduces medication errors and adverse drug events


Pharmacy departments need effective methods for implementing today’s medication-safety practices. PharmNet fully integrates with other clinical applications, automating medication use across the entire spectrum of medication management.

PharmNet provides enterprise-wide management of pharmaceutical therapy critical to reducing risk in the medication-use process. PharmNet is a smart, sophisticated, world-class, medication-use information system that enables the pharmacy to continually monitor and positively influence the medication-use process.PharmNet synthesizes clinical and demographic information and executes that knowledge to improve medication outcomes. It allows pharmacists to monitor the medication-use process and reduce the risk of adverse events.

With PharmNet, pharmacies reduce pharmacy costs and better manage health outcomes, all with a cohesive, user-friendly application. PharmNet works with embedded, real-time decision support capabilities. It helps pharmacists become a critical source of preventive and proactive healthcare within the healthcare system.

Standing alone or integrated with the Cerner Millennium suite of solutions, PharmNet is the most powerful tool for reducing risk and assuring quality in medication use.

Information about PharmNet found at https://store.cerner.com/items/244


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